Computer Science

6th grade

Information and Information Processes
Protection of information
Anti-virus software
The concept of data compression
Purpose of the archiving software
The history of computing
Generation of computers
Trends in the development of the personal computer architecture
The concept of the algorithm and the performer
Algorithm writing forms
Writing algorithm with the flow charts
Types of Algorithm
The concept of the model
Types of Models
The difference between a text editor from a word processor
Word Processor Interface
Techniques for creating and saving a document
The basic techniques of text formatting (font, paragraphs, indents, spacing, list)
Techniques for creating and editing tables in a word processor
Methods of placing text in columns
Settings the File
Methods of preparing a document for printing
Command to add graphics and lettering in the text
The concept of the presentation
Familiarity with the interface
Techniques for working with slides
Presentation template application
The concept of animation, animation effects settings
Techniques for working with word processing, spreadsheets, graphics, videos and sounds in a presentation
Demonstration of the presentation
Types of computer communication
Global Information Networks
The history of the Internet
General Terms of the Internet
The data transmission protocols
Domain Names and Web-sites
Web Browsers
IP addresses
The constituent elements of the Internet: the traffic, the hosting providers
Information search in Internet
Application of the emails