Computer Science

9th grade

Information security in computer networks
The laws of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the field of data protection
Trends in the development of modern software
File operations in a programming language
The concept of the array data structure
Operations on character and string data
Computer simulation
Computer experiment
The concept of the database
Types of data
The database table
Creating a database table with the spreadsheet
The structure of the database
Methods of searching and sorting records in a database table
The video processing
Video file formats
Programs to create and processing the video
Video editing software interface
Video editing techniques
Setting the sound effects
Animation and visual effects
Finalisation and publishing video
Information picture of the world
Information systems and resources
Educational information resources
The development of hardware and software
Document scanning technology
Text recognition
Word processor features
The main types and standards of formatting the documents
Viewing modes of the document in a word processor
The structure of the document
Styles of the document
Using the extended clipboard
The concepts of peer review, and note the spelling in a document
The concept of macros
Document protection
Basis for creating animations
Fundamentals of graphical environment for creating animated objects
The structure of the tool shell environment to create animated objects
Work with layers and scenes
Sound effects and creating the audio file
Types of animation
Creating vector animations
Introduction to Web-design
The basic principles of web-design
HTML and HTML editor
Tools for creating data objects for the Internet
Web pages and Web sites
Stages and tasks of designing web-site model as a system
Terms of changing the appearance of the site in the editor
Key features and appearance of the visual editor
Hyperlinks and navigation of the site
Creation and placement of banners
Publication of the site
Popular Web site creating engines
The concept and threats to information security
The legislation in data protection field
Data protection activities
Computer crimes
Copyright protection
Ensuring information security through operational system
The concept of a computer virus and anti-virus
Types of computer viruses
Virus attacks in the personal computer
Antivirus protection activity
Types of software: licence, conditional free and free
Working environment raster graphics editor
Opening and importing images in a raster graphics editor
The size and resolution of the images in a raster graphics editor
Color modes and the choice of colors in a raster graphics editor
Color management and color in a raster graphics editor
Making color and tonal adjustments in a raster graphics editor
Retouching and transforming images into a raster graphics editor
Working with layers in a raster graphics editor
Selecting objects in a raster graphics editor
Using filters in a raster graphics editor
Working with text in a raster graphics editor
Working in Web-graphics inraster graphics editor
Application of graphic vector graphics editor
Methods of import and export of ready-made objects from the collections or applications
Features draw curves in a vector graphics editor
Key elements of the interface window vector graphics editor
Operations performed with fragments of images in a vector graphics editor
Types of circuits, masks, layers, vector graphics editor
Installation and improvement of photographic images in a vector graphics editor
Creating special effects in a vector graphics editor
Print images in a vector graphics editor
Purpose and interface publishing systems
The basic concept of the publishing industry
Rules for brochures, books, magazines, advertising sheets
The concept of the layout
The basic layout concepts
Managing web sites
Laying out pages with CSS
Working with text
Working with Images
Working with Tables