Total physical and geographic characteristics of the nature of Kazakhstan

The main tectonic structures and their reflection in the relief
Geologycal formation and its influence on features of the relief and location of natural resources
Folded and platform areas
General characters and differences of relief
Zonal natural complexes. High-altitude zone
Zonal natural complexes. Latitudinal zonation
Climate of Kazakhstan
Factors of climate formation and formation of Kazakhstan's climate
Sharply continental climat
Solar radiation and it's influence to climat
Air masses and its circulation
Air pressure and winds
Maximal and minimal temperature, rainfall level
The influence of climat conditions to lifestyle, health, economic activity of the population
Agro-climatic resources. Duration of vegetative period
Features inland waters of Kazakhstan
Rivers of Kazakhstan
Features of digestion and regime of rivers
The role of water in formation of nature and economic life. Reclomation
Lake of Kazakhstan, their distribution in the territory of the Republic
Caspian Sea
Aral sea
Balkhash lake
Groundwaters of Kazakhstan
Glaciers, snow cover
Soil map of Kazakhstan
Struggle against of destruction and polution of soil
Fauna of Kazakhstan
Vegetation of Kazakhstan's territory
Natural areas of Kazakhstan
Forest-steppe, steppe zones
Semi-desert and desert zones
Geografical zoning of the territory of Kazakhstan
Plains of Kazakhstan
The plains of Kazakhstan. Eastern-European Plain
The plains of Kazakhstan: Turan plain
The plains of Kazakhstan: North-Kazakh plain
The plains of Kazakhstan: Sary-Arka (Kazakh Uplands)
Conservation and transformation of nature
Mountains of Kazakhstan: the Urals
Mountains of Kazakhstan: the Altai
Mountains of Kazakhstan: Dzungarian (Zhetysu) Alatau
Mountains of Kazakhstan: Saur-Tarbagatai
Mountains of Kazakhstan: Tien - Shan