57. Electrolysis.Part II

Chemistry – Lower Secondary Level

Chemistry - an interactive textbook consisting of over 100 e-lessons covering the majority of material obligatory in lower secondary school (age 14-16). Rich multimedia presentations of chemical phenomena develop observation skills and supplement traditional format lectures. The course gives intuitive and unique opportunities to understand the chemical processes propelling the world around us. The content material aims to promote a comprehensive understanding of the world of chemistry, too often regarded as abstract. The excellent application of 3D graphics engages pupils’ senses and imagination, leaving no room for misunderstanding or lack of interest. The carefully designed study plan introduces well-organised subject material backed up by tests and many interactive activities.

Chemistry – Lower Secondary Level is part of the Universal Curriculum project.

The Universal Curriculum content is prepared as a generic pool of electronic resources, flexible enough to be adapted to any national curriculum, particular textbook or specific teaching concept. The pool of UC content consists of thousands of Learning Objects, which may be easily translated, rearranged or modified to fit a particular language or purpose.
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