Interactive Course

Year 4

001. You start!
002. Do you write emails?
003. He doesn't play football.
004. What do you do after school?
005. Do you write email?
006. The world around us
007. I always ride my bike!
008. How often do you go to the park?
009. Tell me…
010. What do you do?
011. I'm making a cake!
012. What's in the fridge?
013. Is there any milk?
014. There aren't any eggs.
015. At the supermarket
016. Let's have a picnic!
017. How many apples are there?
018. How much cake is there?
019. Food for your picnic!
020. How much lunch?
021. Let's go shopping!
022. Can I help you?
023. How many would you like?
024. I'd like six eggs.
025. I'd like four ice creams, please.
026. Are you hungry?
027. I'd like some pasta, please.
028. What would you like to drink?
029. In a café
030. I'd like some soup!
031. It's time to get up!
032. It's time for...
033. What time does the lesson start?
034. I play football in the afternoon.
035. How's it going in New York?
036. This is my pet.
037. What's the rabbit doing?
038. The kittens are sleeping in a box.
039. We have lots of pets.
040. I eat vegetables every day.
041. It's raining.
042. Today it's sunny.
043. Is it cloudy?
044. There's snow in the north.
045. Today's weather
046. There's snow on the mountains.
047. It's hot in the jungle.
048. Is there a rainbow in the sky?
049. There are mountains in the north.
050. I can see a monster.
051. What's in the town?
052. Where's the train station?
053. The bank is opposite the cinema.
054. The playground is behind the classrooms.
055. Two big cities
056. Upstairs, downstairs
058. Where are the books?
059. One hundred toys
060. Three funny fish
061. Look out, it's a shark!
062. Where do bears live?
063. What do pandas eat?
064. Lions eat meat.
065. Robot at the zoo
066. Run, quick, quick, quick!
067. Rabbits hop quickly.
068. How do parrots laugh
069. The quiet mouse runs quickly.
070. Lucy's lizard
071. My family
072. I was at home yesterday.
073. We were in the garden.
074. Who was in the park yesterday?
075. It was an exciting weekend.
076. There's a lot of rain in the rainforest.
077. Where was the bird?
078. Was it sunny yesterday?
079. The weather around the world
080. Rain, rain, go away
081. Once upon a time
082. The pirate sailed to an island.
083. He wanted the treasure.
084. Did the pirate look at the map?
085. Pirate's treasure
086. Kim's pirate story
087. The pirate shouted, 'There's the treasure!'
088. The pirate didn't like the treasure.
089. The three bears
090. Say it right.
091. Cinderella
092. Cinderella went to the party.
093. The fairy godmother gave her a new dress.
094. She lost her shoe.
095. The school play
096. Lost and found
097. The treasure hunt
098. We climbed the tree and went into the tree house.
099. A happy story
100. Can you say it?
Test A
Test B
Test C
Test D
Test E
Test F
Test G
Test H
Test I
Test J
057. Toys are on the first floor.
The lesson has undergone through an expert assessment of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan and was recommended for use
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