Interactive Course

Year 10

001. My name is …
002. I really love flamenco!
003. When is your birthday?
004. Hi! How are you?
005. Is there any milk?
006. Would you like to go for a pizza?
007. How do you cook it?
008. Invitations
009. How to make pancakes
010. How we learnt to cook.
011. Where do you go running?
012. Is this your racket?
013. Can I borrow your racket?
014. Unusual sports
015. A day in the life
016. How often do you …?
017. I've been a shark tank cleaner for eight weeks now.
018. A typical day – picture description
019. Daily routines
020. A sense of balance
021. How are you travelling?
022. How far is it?
023. Why did the journey take so long?
024. Unusual hotels
025. Free-time activities
026. I've bought tickets for the film festival.
027. I must learn to use my new camera.
028. An unusual hobby
029. Do I need to bring any special equipment?
030. Animal journeys
031. What's she like?
032. What does she look like?
033. Do you know who I saw?
034. Searching for Sugar Man
035. That's the stuff I need to take!
036. I haven't got anything to wear!
037. What are you looking for?
038. What are you wearing?
039. Lost and found
040. The pottery of Mohenjo-Daro
041. What's your favourite type of music?
042. What do you think happened in the forest?
043. It's magic!
044. What shall we watch?
045. England in China
046. How do I get to ...?
047. Where are you from?
048. Getting out and about
049. Towns around the world
050. Getting around
051. I can't do any sport today!
052. Amazing bodies
053. A health lesson
054. How are you feeling?
055. Climate and culture
056. School is cancelled!
057. Extreme weather
058. Pick it up!
059. What are you going to do?
060. Healthier school dinners
061. My pet hates ...
062. Horror stories
063. The lottery
064. Real life miracles
065. The new student
066. What should I do?
067. What do we have to do?
068. Cyber safety
069. What shall we study first?
070. Making science fun!
071. I'm stuck!
072. If you don't have time to exercise ...
073. Do you shop online?
074. A very different town
075. Beauty or beast?
076. How is it made?
077. Killer pets!
078. The High Rocks park
079. The animal rights debate
080. Would you buy it?
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