Interactive Course

Year 11

001. Are you happy-go-lucky or cool-headed?
002. Meet the staff
003. I like you, but my sister doesn't.
004. What's it like being you?
005. The chatterbox
006. She is unreliable and badly-behaved!
007. The power of the face
008. Meet the Adams family.
009. A family argument
010. Rosie's search for Mister Right
011. Thomas's essay
012. What do you think?
013. Everyone's got problems!
014. Helping others help themselves
015. On the move
016. If we buy our tickets online we won't have to queue!
017. If you've time to spare – travel by air!
018. My terrible journey!
019. What did you do in the holidays?
020. Where is the check-in desk?
021. On the road
022. Do you enjoy shopping?
023. When does the sale start?
024. If I saw a cheaper one, I'd buy it!
025. Complaints
026. I'm not sure about that!
027. Special offers!
028. Fashion fastenings
029. The world of work
030. We're interviewing candidates.
031. Twenty job applications
032. I'll be available to work ...
033. I hope I'll be travelling the world!
034. Summer camp!
035. I decided I'd like to do hairdressing!
036. The death of Mufasa is heart-breaking.
037. Glasto!
038. The most democratic art exhibition in the world
039. What's your favourite film?
040. It was so awful.
041. The most famous band in the world
042. Japanese art and culture
043. My favourite sport
044. I've been playing tennis.
045. Do you remember playing tennis?
046. Are you good at tennis?
047. The conditions are great today!
048. Parents on the tennis courts
049. The Paralympics
050. You must go on a diet.
051. I had a dreadful day yesterday.
052. Home, safe home?
053. How to have a longer life
054. I get terrible hay fever!
055. She's having her teeth brushed!
056. The energy within
057. I visited the Sahara desert last year.
058. Global temperatures are rising!
059. Africa has an extraordinary variety of geographical features.
060. The island is important for its flora and fauna.
061. At least 10,000 species of animals are disappearing every year.
062. One of the biggest flowers in the world
063. Not only humans can make tools!
064. I'd like to have a laptop.
065. What tablet should I buy?
066. What IT facilities does your school have?
067. Is this the mobile phone for you?
068. I couldn't live without it.
069. I love doing IT at my school.
070. This is rocket science!
Placement test year 11
Speech recognition
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003. Is fashion fair?
004. Most people enjoyed the event!