Interactive Course

Year 8

001. Can you spell that, please?
002. What's her name?
003. Your bike's great!
004. Can you fill in this form?
005. Do we have maths on Monday?
006. The lesson starts in two minutes!
008. How's it going?
009. Sorry, did you say 1964?
010. The perfect holiday
011. At the weekend
012. Do you like practising?
013. I'd rather watch it on TV.
015. How do you feel?
016. The waiter was really embarrassed.
017. I'll order a pizza!
018. Excuse me!
019. A perfect adventure
020. Why don't we do something else?
021. Is that a leather jacket?
022. What's it made of?
023. What is it?
024. They're far too big!
025. Have you turned it off and on again?
026. What is a tablet?
027. What do I do next?
028. What next?
029. How to ...
030. Live from the Innovation Show…
031. Can I have a refund, please?
032. How much does it cost?
033. I'd like to hire a bike.
034. An after school club
035. This is my home.
036. My dream house
037. What's that?
038. Teenage chores
039. I'd love to meet for coffee.
040. Can you remember?
041. I'd like to visit London.
042. You have to wear a swimsuit!
043. Where is the swimming pool?
044. We need more lifeguards!
045. How long is a marathon?
046. The best day of my life!
047. Football or rugby?
048. Can you play cricket?
049. Faster, higher, stronger!
050. Try out the swimming pool!
051. Are you ok?
052. What's the matter?
053. What's the matter?
054. A golden finish!
055. I'm thirsty!
056. I'll have pizza.
057. Don't eat too much fast food!
058. Feed me better!
059. Fried egg rolls are my favourite!
060. The cup final is next weekend!
061. Where would you like to live?
062. I know tigers are endangered.
063. What was the island like?
064. It's a lovely zoo with lots of interesting animals!
065. What do you do?
066. Could you tell me your name, please?
067. Would you like to come to my party?
068. Design a party invitation
069. Thank you for the invitation!
070. Around the World!
071. Where can I buy a stamp?
072. Happy Mother's Day!
073. I can't find my phone!
074. Read my blog!
075. How was your journey?
076. My journey to school
077. I'm not sure you are right!
078. Dear Diary ...
079. I'm sorry, I'm late.
080. Philip's trip to France
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