Interactive Course

Year 2

001. This is my new class.
002. Can you spell your name?
003. I’m seven years old.
004. What’s this in English?
005. P is for pencil!
006. This is me!
007. Where’s my coat?
008. I’m wearing a hat.
009. Teddy’s wearing blue trousers.
010. Is she wearing red socks?
011. I’m wearing a red T-shirt.
012. My favourite jumper is blue and white.
013. What are you doing?
014. She’s singing.
015. We’re learning English.
016. I'm drawing a robot.
017. She is dancing!
018. What are you drawing?
019. This is my face!
020. I’ve got blue eyes.
021. Have you got brown eyes?
022. The monster’s got green hair.
023. This is my mouth!
024. It's a face!
025. My family
026. This is my family.
027. My mum’s got long hair.
028. I'm sitting next to my brother.
029. No, I'm sitting next to my mum!
030. Tell me about your family.
031. Head, shoulders, knees and toes.
032. Touch your toes!
033. Yes, I can!
034. Two big ears, two big eyes, two big feet...
035. Where are your feet?
036. Touch your nose!
037. Can you dance?
038. I can ride a bike.
039. Can he bounce the ball?
040. We can speak English.
041. I can't swim but I can run.
042. You can do it!
043. This is my home.
044. My home has got two bedrooms.
045. It's got a nice balcony.
046. It hasn't got a garden.
047. I live in a house.
048. Tell me about your home.
049. Where’s the bed?
050. In my bedroom there’s a green carpet.
051. What’s in your room
052. Is there a computer in your house?
053. There's a green carpet.
054. It's purple and yellow.
055. What’s this animal in English?
056. Do you like lions?
057. I like cats.
058. What’s your favourite animal?
059. I like butterflies.
060. What's this animal
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