Interactive Course

Year 9

001. Losing a friend
002. Forever friends!
003. Talent show opinions
004. Florence Nightingale
005. School days!
006. Making predictions
007. If she studies hard, she'll pass her exams.
008. Time to get a job!
009. I've got a summer job interview!
010. Recognising emotions
011. What's your favourite film?
012. Stop the thief!
013. A surprise from the stars
014. The cup final!
015. Can you do the travel survey?
016. Where are they?
017. Why are you always late?
018. Short communications
019. Activity holidays
020. Save the rainforests!
021. Buying new clothes
022. You ought to buy it!
023. Finding a good dress
024. Please buy me that shirt.
025. How many languages can you speak?
026. Learning the right language
027. What a bad lesson!
028. Why learn another language?
029. Language statistics
030. What clothes say about you
031. Keeping up with the technology
032. My computer has crashed!
033. What technology did you use to use?
034. Summer in Barcelona
035. Everything works in the kitchen.
036. When the baby wakes up ...
037. Flatmates
038. Somewhere to live ...
039. Do you mean ...?
040. Homes around the World
041. I think I've broken my ankle!
042. Oh dear! Does it hurt?
043. Are you a couch potato?
044. I'm worried about Dan.
045. The natural world
046. How are the animals protected?
047. What happened to the forest?
048. How green is your town?
049. What's 'camera film'?
050. The heart of the rainforest
051. What's the weather forecast?
052. It's much hotter there!
053. Visit Australia!
054. And the winning name was …
055. What's on this weekend?
056. There's a man-eating shark!
057. Dancing is good for you!
058. What's on the left-hand side of the picture?!
059. The things people do
060. Super winds
061. Come to Cardiff!
062. Harry needs a tennis partner!
063. Kate helps her dad cook lunch.
064. What's the message?
065. How green are you?
066. Harry goes to the recycling centre!
067. Helping the environment!
068. The beach clean-up!
069. Following instructions!
070. A green revolution
071. What makes a city a city?
072. A trip to Stonehenge!
073. Finding your way
074. A visit to the Palace
075. What do you do in your free time?
076. It's the Student Week!
077. A day to remember!
078. An interview for the school magazine
079. Making plans for the weekend!
080. Relaxing free-time activities
Placement test year 9
Speech recognition
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