Interactive Course

Year 5

001. My holiday
002. Where did you go on holiday?
003. We didn't see a shark.
005. Yesterday was not a good day!
006. Were you at school yesterday?
007. Where were you in the afternoon?
008. Where were you this morning?
009. I walked into a wall!
010. Where did you go on holiday, Mrs Black?
011. Are you happy?
012. Jack is taller than Peter.
013. Ann is younger than me.
014. They're both older than Jill.
015. Is table tennis a slow game?
016. Is football easier than hockey?
017. Basketball is more exciting than football.
018. A wet play day
019. An elephant is bigger than me.
020. I'm taller than you.
021. It's quiet in here.
024. He's the fastest runner in the world.
025. Are you good at riding a bike?
026. I'm better at running than swimming.
027. Lucy's the best in the class at…
028. My favourite activities
029. I like toast.
030. An email to a friend
031. What's the matter?
032. I've got a cold.
033. She hasn't got a temperature.
034. Are you feeling better?
035. What's his job?
036. Why don't you go to the dentist?
037. Why don't we go swimming?
038. Don't worry!
039. That's Kim's father.
040. I eat vegetables every day.
041. Can you make your bed?
042. Can you cook?
043. Shall I help you wash the car?
044. Can you draw a horse?
047. Do I need a helmet?
048. Can you come to my party?
050. Dear friend …
051. What time do you wake up?
052. You must do your homework.
053. They must go to bed at 8 o'clock.
054. Can I sit near the window?
055. Don't touch!
056. You mustn't play outside at night.
059. She mustn't have a party.
060. We can play outside!
061. What's your favourite place?
062. Let's go swimming.
063. Let's go for a run.
064. I've got an idea!
065. Wear a raincoat and bring an umbrella.
066. Where did you go on Sunday?
067. We went for a bike ride.
068. I had a fantastic week!
069. Can I have something to drink?
070. Yesterday was my birthday.
071. What do you want for your birthday?
072. I want to buy Grandma a birthday present.
073. What would you like to buy her?
074. What would you like to wear?
075. Look at the kittens!
076. A baby cat is called a kitten.
077. What's your puppy called?
078. Can you go shopping with me?
079. The cat is in the kitchen.
080. I've got a pet.
081. Look at the clown.
082. I think he's very funny.
083. Did you enjoy the film?
084. Why didn't you do your homework?
085. Please work quickly.
086. We can sing loudly.
087. I can't skate slowly!
088. Elephants walk slowly.
089. Have you got any questions?
090. Today I'm talking about lions.
091. Picnic time
092. How about going on a picnic this afternoon?
093. Shall I make the sandwiches?
094. Let's make a shopping list.
095. I'd like some apples, please.
096. Did you enjoy the picnic?
097. What did you like best?
098. Did it have a happy ending?
099. I'd like a sausage sandwich.
100. We had a good year!
Test A
Test B
Test C
Test D
Test E
Test F
Test G
Test H
Test I
Test J
057. You mustn't eat in your tent.
058. We mustn't ride our bikes.
045. What shall I bring?
046. Where can I ride my bike?
023. Football is the most exciting sport in the world.
022. Lucy is the oldest in the class.
004. I have a funny story!
049. Can you clean the kitchen?
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