Future professions

Сабеева Марал Советовна
Павлодарская область, г. Экибастуз, КГУ «ШГ № 24»
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Future professions

Lesson objectives:

Use words on topic «Jobs and professions» in your speech.

Grammar material: conditionals I- use in writing, acknowledge them in sentences, to be careful while choosing a job.

Value links:

Collaboration, helping others.

ICT skills:

Projector or Smart board for presenting a video, computers.



Stage of the lesson












Warm up






«Listen and guess»

Teacher wants to find out the spirit of learners and asks them, «What color are you today?» Learners tell teacher what color describes today’s mood.

jobs and professions 1.PNG

Learners should guess the topic of the lesson by looking at the four pictures.

jobs and professions 2.PNG

Learners brainstorm the ideas while listening the conversation. They try to find one common topic. (JOBS& PROFESSIONS).

The students predict the objectives of the lesson. IF they are right or closer to the aim, the teacher agrees with them.











PPT slides 1






PPT slides 2



BilimLand.jpg jobs and professions



















Grammar material













«Read and guess the meaning of words»







«Choose the correct option»







«practice in writing»










Learners are divided into small groups with the help of pictures.


And let’s check up how do you know new words.

Work in pairs. Learners practice their vocabulary.

jobs and professions 3.PNG

jobs and professions 4.PNG


Less able students are given some help from talented pupils.

Students fill in gaps with the appropriate words that have been learned before

Learners assess each other against suggested criteria.

Students then practice grammar material from the previous lesson

jobs and professions 5.PNG

jobs and professions 6.PNG

Work in pairs.

Make up a dialogue (one is the owner of the company, one is an employee)

  1. To make a dialogue
  2. To demonstrate
  3. To give points to each other using criteria

Work in pairs.

They have assessment sheets, where they put marks to each other according to criteria


5 answers 5 points

4 answers – 4 point

3 answers 3 point

Less- 0 point





5 answers 5 points

4 answers – 4 point

3 answers 3 point

Less- 0 point



Talanted pupils assess the answers “Right or wrong”



The students check themselves with keys







Content/creativity1 point

Interaction 1 point

Lexica1 point

Grammar1 point

Pronunciation 1 point

total: 5

jobs and professions 7.PNG








PPT slides 3



PPT slides 4








BilimLand.jpg jobs and professions


PPT slides 5, 6











H/ w

«Blob tree»

Each pupil put their sticker about his work at this lesson.

jobs and professions 8.PNG

Write an essay «My future profession»




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