Our body

Атанова Людмила Сергеевна
Жамбылская обл., с. Кордай, КГУ «Школа-гимназия №1 им. Д. Кунаева»
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Our body

Learning objectives:

2.S3 use a limited range of basic words, phrases and short sentences to describe objects, activities and classroom routines.

2.R1 read and spell out words for others.

All learners will be able to:

pronounce the names of the head and body correctly.

Most learners will be able to:

make sentences about their body.

Some learners will be able to:

sing a song properly.

Stage and its objectives





Ss are able to greet

T: Good morning, children!

Ss: Good morning, good morning, good morning to you…

Ss sing a greeting song


Warm up

Ss are able to say how they feel at the beginning of the lesson

T: How are you?

Ss stand in a circle put a palm on the palm, clap and say: I’m super. I’m sad…

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Lead in

Ss are able to say the parts of the head

T: Let’s review the names of the head parts

  • T shows the pictures of head parts
  • Guessing game


  • A matching game
  • Listen and choose
  • A «Fishing» game


Ss watch the video to review the parts of the head

Ss name the parts of the head

A S acts out words of Parts of the head, the others guess and say the word in English.

Ss find the picture of head parts and put them in order

Ss listen to the words and choose the right one

Ss find a picture and a word, match them.



our body 2.PNG

Presentation. Parts of the body

Ss will be able to pronounce the parts of the body, show them and use in the structure

T: Today we go on learning the parts of the body. Now let’s watch and practice.



Now you can name the body parts, let’s say what we have.

Ss watch the video twice, repeat the body parts, match them with the pictures, play the game «Fishing» (find the picture and the proper word), listen to the question and tick the correct picture.

Ss make sentences in the structure «I have got 2 arms, 2 legs…» playing a «Snowball game» and show.


BilimLand.jpg body

Physical drill

Ss will be able to understand the words, sing and act out

T: Children, let’s learn to sing a new song about parts of the body «Head and shoulders» and then act out.

Ss watch the video twice, drill the lyrics, sing and show.

our body 3.PNG


Ss are able to say the parts of the body

T: Now, children, let’s say what we have learned at the lesson today.

Let’s play.

Ss listen and put the words in the correct order (parts of the head and body).


Ss play a game «Labeling» (children write the names of the body parts on the stickers and stick to the proper part of the partner).



Ss are able to self-assess the achievement they gain to the end of the lesson

T asks students «How do you feel?» to find out their mood and achievement at the end of the lesson.

T: Students, draw a monster at home.

Ss look at the «Blob tree», write their names on the stickers and stick them on the tree.

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