The measurement of pressure. Barometer

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The measurement of pressure. Barometer

Type  of the  lesson: Integrated  lesson. English + Physics
The  aims:

to introduce students with the device for measuring atmospheric pressure;

to teach the history of invention and to present information about famous scientists;

to improve the skills of speaking, reading, writing;

to bring up how to work collaboratively.

Excepted results:
Students will able to do the following:
- they know the history of barometer and about the inventors of the device;
- they can listen, read and understand the text and video material;
- how to compare the types of the device.
Resources: textbooks,  posters, cards,  markers,  pictures, active  board, audio- visual aids.
Methods and techniques: «KWL», «Cluster», , «Magic  tree», «Thick  and  thin  questions».
Modules: Age features, Dialogic learning, ICT, Critical thinking, Management and Leadership, Evaluation.








Teacher’s  activity

Student’s  activity

I. Organization moment 


-Good  afternoon  boys  and  girls!

Sit  down  please!

Questions  about  date , day of the week.

Students   greet  the  teacher  and  answer  the  questions.  


II.  Warm-up


 Teacher  asks  pupils  to  do  the  warming –up

  1. Choose  the  partner  and  stand  opposite
  2. Smile  to your  partner
  3. Say “Hello”
  4. Hug  each  other
  5. Wish  “Good  luck”
  6. Sit  down 

Dividing  into  groups 

Students  divide  into  3 groups (using the  puzzles) and  then  they  do  the  commands





III. Brainstorming

-What  is the  weather  like  today?

-Have  you  heard  about  forecast  for  today? 

-Let’s  try  to  find  the  forecast  for  today. Ok!







What  devices  use  for  predicting  weather  forecast?

You  are  right.  And  today  we’ll  speak  about  one  of  these  devices.

Students  answer  and  then  try  to  find  the  weather  forecast.

The measurement of pressure. Barometer - 1



Students  give  the  answers.

(anemometer, thermometer, barometer)

III. Presentation

-Look  at  the  picture  and  try  to  answer “What  is it?”(teacher  shows  the  picture  of the  barometer)

Students  try to give  their  answers.

(it’s  a  barometer)

The measurement of pressure. Barometer - 2


IV.  Individual  work




1)-I’ll give  the sheets of paper, complete  the  chart “KWL” (K – we  know, W -  we  want  to  know, L – we  have  learnt)

2) – And  now  let’s  watch  the  video

and  read  the  text  about  barometer.


1)Students  complete  two  coloumns  of  the  chart  “KWL”.

S1 and  Stry  to answer  about  what  they  know  and  want  to  know  about  this  device.

2)Students  watch  video  and  read  the  text  “Barometer”




  A barometer  is a device  that  measure  air  pressure. It  measures  the  weight  of the column  of  air  that extends  from  the  instrument to the top  of  the  atmosphere. There  are  two  types  of  barometers  commonly  used  today, mercury  and  aneroid (meaning “fluidless”). Earlier  water  barometers (also  known  as “storm  glasses”)  date  from  the 17th  century.

  The  mercury  barometer  was  invented  by  the  Italian  physicist  Evangelista  Torricelli (1608-1647), a pupil  of  Galileo, in 1643.  Torricelli  inverted  a  glass  tube  filled  with  mercury  into  another  container  of  mercury;  the  mercury  in  the  tube “weighs”  the  air  in  the  atmosphere  above  the  tube.  The  aneroid  barometer (using  a  spring  balance  instead  of  a  liquid)  was  invented  by  the  French  scientist  Lucien Vidie  in  1843. It  is  easy  to  transport  and  easy  to  construct.

3) – Let’s  try  to  complete  the  third  column  of  the  chart  what  you’ve  learnt  from  the  text  and  video  about  this  device.

3) students  complete  the  third  coloumn  of  the  chart

(L- have  learnt  about  barometer)

V. Work  in  groups

I’ll  give  you  some  time  for  reading  and  discussing  the  text.

  1. Students  read  and  discuss  the  text

Doing  tasks
















Task  1.

Choose  TRUE  or  FALSE

1.A barometer  is a device  that  measure  blood pressure

2.There  are  two  types  of  barometers

3.The  mercury  barometer  was  invented  by  Galileo

4.The  mercury  barometer  was  invented in 1643

5.The  aneroid  barometer was  invented  by  the  French  scientist  Lucien Vidie  in  1843

6.The  mercury  barometer is  easy  to  transport  and  easy  to  construct

7.The  structure of  aneroid  barometer  is  very  simple.

8.A  mercury  barometer  consists  of  a  plastic  tube  and  a vessel  filled  with  mercury.9.A  spring  barometer  has  a  pointer.

Students  try  to  choose  TRUE  or  FALSE  answer  and  correct  false  statements.

  1. False
  2. True
  3. False
  4. True
  5. True
  6. False
  7. True
  8. False
  9. True




VI. Practice

And  now  let’s  go  to  the  virtual  laboratory - p=1&pn=6&s=барометр&lesson=19073

Students  watch  the  video  in  virtual  laboratory





“Magic  tree”

We  need  one  volunteer  from  each  group.

He  or  she  will  be  the  “magic  tree”

The measurement of pressure. Barometer - 3


Each student  has   to  write  one  question  on the  stickers using  the  information  from  the  text  and  video. Students  stick  the  questions  on  the “magic  tree”  and  “magic tree”  try  to  answer .

Group  work

Teacher  offers  to  create  the  poster  about  this  device.


Students  create  the  poster  and  tell  about  barometer  to  the  classmates  and  ask  each other  about  it.

VII. Conclusion


a) evaluation

b) reflection

suitcase – I can take it with me

hasher – I try to think and understand

information basket – I'll throw it

c) hometask

The lesson is over! Goodbye!

a)Students  evaluate   their  classmates  

(they  say  who  can  get 5,4 and 3 and   who gets  a  remark)


“Suitcase, hasher  and  basket”

c)be ready  with  retelling  about  barometer

The measurement of pressure. Barometer - 4


Students  get  the marks, write  h/t  and  say “Goodbye”






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