Thomas`s essay

Солодовникова Юлия Павловна
Жамбылская обл., с. Кордай, КГУ «Школа-гимназия №1 им. Д. Кунаева»
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Thomas`s essay

Learning goals:

Provide practice in planning an essay using mind maps and text organizational pattern of: beginning – middle – end as well as the notion of the paragraph topic sentence.

Demonstrate how to write the story in your own words, adding imagery to their bank of knowledge, referring to the plan and asking children to contribute ideas.

Lesson objectives:

  1. Compose and write simple sentences independently to communicative meaning.
  2. Spell new words using phonics sounds.
  3. Choose what to write about, plan and follow it through independently.
  4. Use key features of narrative in their own writing.








7 min

Greeting and warm up

Teacher greets their students and asks them to look at the WB and group the greetings and responses into formal, semi-formal and informal


«Imagery game»

Students greet teacher

(Which of the greetings and responses would you use:
a) with a friend?
b) in a formal conversation?


One student is selected and must describe an object using: 2 adjectives, a simile, a metaphor, a clue of their choice.

The rest of the class need to guess what the object is.


This should introduce the power of words and imagery to the class.





18 min


Group activity.

Each group has the story.






Teacher asks to look at the different parts of each story.

What are you going to include in your story?

Practice 1


Mind map activity



Practice 2

Read and choose the correct heading

Each group read their story and decides what is missing from each story: a beginning, middle or an end. Then each group matches appropriative part with their story.

Pair talk:

How will your story start?

What do we need in the middle of your story?

How will your story end?


Read the functions and choose the correct part of the essay for each of them.




Look at Thomas`s mind map

Try to understand and explain the main points of his map.

Make a sketch of your story mind map.


After choosing the correct headings share their story`s headings.









7 min

Play time

Let`s have a rest and play the spelling game (using the words about the family)


Practice sounding out words they are not sure how to spell

You have two types of words. Click level 1 or level 2(for more confident students). In level 1 you see and hear a word, in level 2 you hear a word. In the top left hand corner you can see the score. Good luck!


Clap out syllables, discuss putting capital letters and the beginning of sentences and where the full stops should go (use the words from the game).



Practice 3


Practice 4

Read and complete each paragraph with the correct topic sentence.


Put the sentences in order to create a conclusion paragraph. The first sentence has been identified for you. Look for things that join each sentence to the next one. Then listen to check your answers.


6 min





Ask questions

How many parts does your essay consist of?

What words do you use at the beginning – middle – end of your essay?

How do you make your mind map? What colour do you use?

Students answer 3 questions

  1. What did you learn this lesson?
  2. What did you improve on this lesson?
  3. What would you still like to work on?


2 min



Ask students to work at home independently and write their own essay. Use word bank to construct simple sentences and their mind maps instead of plan


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