Filtration in the kidneys. Skin in excretion

Торсунова Бахытгуль Рамазановна
Көкшетау қаласы, №3 облыстық мектеп-интернаты
Filtration in the kidneys. Skin in excretion

Lesson aim

Learn the topic «Filtration in the kidneys. Skin in excretion»

Learning Objectives

– Should be able to identify the skin as the body is the largest organ.
– Students will understand the function of skin.
– Students will be able to identify the layers and components of skin.

Criteria for evaluating

– Students identify the layers of skin and components of skin.
– Students understand function of skin. 
– Students identify the skin is the largest organ in body. 

Language aims

Students will learn words and terms: Albinism, сollagen fibers, excess, firm, fingerprint, 
sweat gland, receptor, sebaceous gland, blood vessels, melanocytes

Background materials

Organs of excretion


Time interval

Planned activities



3 min

Organizational issues. Ұйымдастыру кезеңі. Топтарға бөлу. Көңіл күйлерін анықтау. 
Prepare students for lesson.
How is your mood, feeling? Are you feeling good?
Who is absent? 
What did you read at home? 
Dividing into 4 groups by choosing different cards. 
1 – group: Heart
2 – group: Lungs
3 – group: Teeth 
4 – group: Kidney

Activity for preparing


Beginning of lesson 
5 min.
Check homework

Checking background material and connecting with new theme. 
For checking homework I will use program.
Labeling task and matching task for association.  бағдарламасында бөліп шығару мүшелеріне байланысты тапсырмаларын орындау.

Questions and whiteboard

Labeling task.




Formative assessment 
Good job! Excellent!
Not bad! 

Middle of lesson 
17 min















Group research work 
5 min























Consolidating lesson 
5 min




Work with key terms. Жаңа сабақтағы термин сөздермен жұмыс жасау. Жеке жұмыс.
Individual work 
Work with copybook and new key terms using program.  2 min

Жаңа сабақты түсіндіру. Топтық жұмыс жасау 
Presentation resources  1:19 min

Filtration in the kidney
•    Blood enters each kidney through the renal artery. 
•    In the kidney, waste substances are removed from the blood by filtration. 
•    The main wastes are water, salts and urea. The salts and urea dissolve in the water to from urine. 
•    Urine is made in the kidney. 
•    Urine passes from kidney, through the ureters to bladder 
•    The blood that leaves the kidneys in renal veins oes not contain waste products. 
Skin function
•    Protection 
•    Cushions and insulates and is waterproof 
•    Protects from chemicals, heat, cold, bacteria 
•    Screens UV 
•    Regulates body heat 
•    Prevents unnecessary water loss 
Sensory reception (nerve endings)
 Skin structure

Group work using Jigsaw method. 
Each group fill the poster about 4 mini text. 
1 – Excretion In Kidney
2 – Skin In Excretion 
3 – Skin Layers
4 – Skin Structure 
Students assess each other using different stickers. 

Problem questions:
Why do people living in a hot climate have darker skin? 
Түршігу дегеніміз не? бейнефильм.

Research time. Fingerprint activity 
Саусақ ізін қарастыру – шағын зерттеу жұмысы
You will NEED
•    Powder (baby or cocoa) 
•    Paint brush 
•    Cream or lotion 

Steps to do 
•    Some volunteers come rub a small amount of cream, touch several objects (for ex cups) 
•    These objects are given to 4 groups, they must find whose fingerprints are there; 
•    Use powder and brush to detect the fingerprints on an object, then observe them 

Choose right name of elements of the skin structure.

Handout materials 
Video, presentation

Good job!
Not bad!




Posters, colorful pencils, stickers for assessment. 





1 min

Home work: In small groups research different types of skin infection. Prepare report for class. resource 

2 min

Give assessment for lesson and each other
Say conclusion about excretion


2 min

Reflection 3 types of vase. 
Red flowers vase. Understand all information
Orange flowers vase. Understand, but I have a questions. 
Yellow flowers vase. I don’t understand. 

Butterfly stickers. 

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