Create a presentation. Создание презентации

Эргашова Замира Шамуритовна
г. Павлодар, ГУ СОШ №42 им. М. Ауэзова
Create a presentation. Создание презентации



Give an idea of the possibilities of creating a presentation using the insertion in the slides of video, sounds, drawings.

All students will be able to:

To master the ways of inserting video, sounds, pictures into the presentation.

Most students will have:

To be able to apply the knowledge gained when performing a task.

Some students will be able to:

Perform tasks of increased complexity.

Learning Outcomes:

Students are able to create presentations for the presentation of various information, strengthen their skills in the application Power Point.

Students have knowledge and skills in the Power Point program, they can insert figured text, pictures, videos and sound fragments; organized work with the source, dialogue discussion, analyze the work done, evaluate the results.

Key Ideas:

Power Point is an application program. Allows you to create multimedia presentations, animate images, insert video and audio.


Projector, software Active Inspire, webinar educational resource, physical activities and training, PCs, assessment sheets, task cards for groups, stickers, notebook, textbook.



Stage of the lesson/strategy/form

Activity of the teacher

Activities of students

Beginning of the lesson /

Organizational moment (1 min)

Greeting. Game «Puzzles». (Приветствие. Игра «Пазлы»-приложение1)

The creation of the collaborative environment


Check present

Familiarization with the evaluation sheet

(Проверка присутствующих, ознакомление с оценочным листом)

Work in a group

Total – 6b

Total – 5b


Exercise «Yes No»

1 correct answer – 1b

Total – 5b

Practical work


Number of slides 5-1b

Design thought-1b

Information corresponds to the card-1b

Translated words from English-1b

Presence of sound-1b


14-16b – «5»

11-13b – «4»

8-10b – «3»





A mark in the journal.

Familiarization with the evaluation sheet

Knowledge update

(2 min)



















Learning new material (2 min)











Learning new words

(2 min)











(3 min)





Middle of the lesson

(10 min)


Primary fastening (2 min)










Physical culture minute




Practical work(14min)











End of the lesson






Checking the homework (interactive tasks) (Проверка домашнего задания, интерактивные задания, – приложение 2)


• What is the name of the presentation software?

create a presentation 1.PNG

• What kind of programs (package) does the PowerPoint program belong to?

create a presentation 2.PNG

• How do I open the PowerPoint program? (Start - All Programs -Microsoft Office - MSPowerPoint)

create a presentation 3.PNG

• What PowerPoint tabs do you know?

create a presentation 4.PNG

Learning new material

The yield on the theme, rebus.

(Изучение нового материала, выход на тему, ребус.)

create a presentation 5.PNG

The theme of the lesson "Creating a presentation"

create a presentation 6.PNG

The introduction of new words on the theme «Creating a presentation» (Ознакомление с новыми словами по теме)

create a presentation 7.PNG

Insert Graphics

Вставка графики

Insert word processing

Вставка текста

Insert media

Вставка медиа

Insert Excel Spreadsheet

Вставка таблицы

View the webinar "Insert objects". (Просмотр вебинара «Вставка объектов»)

create a presentation 8.PNG

Students view the clip, making reference notes in their notebooks .

Students are encouraged in groups to discuss and create an algorithm «Creating presentations». Protect your posters. Inter-check will produce an interactive job. (Учащиеся просматривают ролик, делая опорные записи в тетрадях. Учащимся предлагается в группах обсудить и составить алгоритм «Создание презентаций». Защищают свои постеры. Взаимопроверку произведут на интерактивном задании).

create a presentation 9.PNG

The game «True – false» - exercise 2(resource Bilimland) (Игра «Правда-ложь» – упражнение 2 Билимлэнд).

create a presentation 10.PNG

Physical culture minute – Fixies (Физкульминутка – фиксики)

create a presentation 11.PNG

Practical work (Практическая работа – приложение3)

create a presentation 12.PNG

Pairs of participants change jobs, evaluating the work of the fellow, eligibility. (Участники пар меняются рабочими местами, оценивая работу товарища, в соответствии критериям).


Homework (Домашняя работа)

create a presentation 13.PNG


«Stairs of success» (Рефлексия «Лестница успеха...»)

create a presentation 14.PNG

The repetition of the material.

















Statement of the topic and objectives of the lesson

The study of the material.

The application of knowledge in a given situation, to properly formulate the question, to understand the degree of difficulty. The ability to assess the appropriateness of a particular language.


























Discussion, exchange of opinions, the definition of the topics of the upcoming practical work.







Rest, relaxation








Create a presentation of 5 slides with placed objects









Filling the evaluation sheet








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