About us


BILIM - knowledge. It is not only a key concept that gives meaning to our work, it is main value that gives meaning to our lives. "There is no greater wealth than knowledge, and greater poverty than ignorance" – this statement is known to all. However to us, it is more relevant than ever before. We live in an era where "success" of each individual, as well as well-being of a community depend entirely on the quality of knowledge. We function to provide quality education to all.

MEDIA – it is our understanding that technology proliferates knowledge. For the last 20 years changes in education has undergone major changes in history, from Gutenberg to Zuckerberg. As a leading developer of e-learning content, we believe in education, which is based on the power of modern technology.

GROUP – we are a team of professionals who are enthusiastic about sharing knowledge and fascinated with possibilities of technology. Our team consists of experienced teachers and content creators who are familiar with the needs and expectations of school instructors and students. Moreover, we have an excellent team of young and perspective scientists, animators, designers and developers,  whose passion revolves around making education different, engaging and better. This is a strong team of like-minded people with rich and diverse backgrounds whose ideas, skills and imagination have build our Company. Welcome to BMG!


Bilim Media Group is an innovative company building eLearning market in Kazakhstan. We create and distribute e-content with on demand technology and service to deliver content to the end user instantly. Our clients range from home consumers, governmental institutions, media organizations, and key educational institutions. More importantly, our work is devoted to teachers, students and parents. 


Education is a complex and continuous process, which includes a large number of different levels, types of activities, and standards. It is also high level of individual capacity that requires unique approach in terms of comprehension, appropriate challenge, and evaluation. Rapid development of technology has further complicated the process of education. There are many new concepts, trends, tools and technological phenomena, which are not easy to understand even for professionals. But we sincerely believe that these technologies are creating new opportunities through which education can be better and more affordable.